Trouble with platformer not jumping on moving platform

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  • Hi

    I have made a small example based on the rotaty template which shows my issue quite well.

    I have made the platforms in the rotary move. My problem is now that very often the "player" will not jump. (jump a bit around on the different platforms and you will se the player is not reacting to a jump command(keyboard up key))

    I assume its because he "thinks" he is not touching the platform in some way.

    Any suggestions on how i fix that?

  • This issue caused by platformer behaviour that doesn't have a feature called "tolerance jump". Just like what you suspect the Player didn't jump at right moment immediately on tip end of solid. Naturally user tends to react too late that he got the Player already fall before user able to hit jump button. To counter this, developer create mechanism that compensate user response that giving "forgiveness" to the Player so it still can jump with some tolerance of time & distance since it fell.

    In Construct we must activate this "tolerance jump" by enabling double jump. If you don't want extra jump while in mid-air, you can limit it by add condition perhaps a variable to strict how many times Player can jump again after "first" jump.

  • hmm... it take some of it away in the capx i have uploaded if you enable double jump on the player. But i still experience times where it does not jump even though i press the jump button.

    I can especially make it happen on the 3rd platform when "running" from right to left and trying to jump. Often it just falls over the edge and does not jump...

    And its not only at the edge when you fall off the platform. without double jump enabled you can make it happen on the middle of the platform as well

  • I wonder why you add platform behaviour to the solid block? Is that on purpose?

    Anyway in my experience if platformer actor facing surface that not perpendicular to him, its likely the actor will not be able to jump properly or even can't. I tried that with yours.

  • Addding platform behavior to the solid block was just an easy way to make it move back and forth

    I tried to play a bit around with the example.

    If i change the code that change the angle of the solid to not run every tick. I can not provoke not beeing able to jump. So it is the change angle and rorate that happens just before the player actions that makes the player think its not on the ground.

    But the lower interval the more often it happens... So the problem is not solved. Its just harder to hit the right timing....

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  • Better way for moving block back and forth is the "Sine" behavior as they gave in the platformer example.

  • i know. but when working with circles etc. you need to do some math to get the sin behavior to work. Its not a flat platfomer. The platform behavior works nicely for what i want it to do in this situation

  • I found a solution that works. It might not be that pretty. But now it works as i would expect it to work. There are no longer any missed jumps.

    I used the vector y instead of jump to solve the problem.

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