Transparency Difference After Layout Change

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  • Hey there,

    I am having an issue with my GUI buttons. I have set them to 50% opacity and that works just fine until I change layouts. Then the opacity is increased slightly. By about 25% it looks like. This happens on any layout I move to.

    Now I have gone through all of my events and there are absolutely no instances of opacity being controlled or changed, at all. Also, the GUI is created in the Loading layout, a layout I never revisit, so it's not just another copy of its self. This loading layout has everything placed by hand and not by events so, no, there are no events to recreate the GUI a second time.

    I am using a Global Layer for the GUI, if that helps.



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  • I think you've got a genuine bug.

    You've got two options for getting around it, as I see:

    1, leave the official transparency at 100%, but have the image itself have an alpha of 128 (of 255).

    2, manually set the transparency at the beginning of the Event sheet.

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