Touchscreen killing framerates Windows Phone 8

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  • Hi there,

    I have a project that I've been testing on different devices and its performing as expected except on WP8. It seems like while my finger is on the screen it kills the FPS. When I release it's back to being smooth and beautiful.

    I thought it might be that I had an "every tick" event going on, but i removed that and went back to being smooth as it should be all along. this is the game in action.. plays pretty solid on iOS, Android and even web on the same respective devices.. it seems to be specific to WP8 as an APP..

    and get this.. it even doesn't experience this problem when it's playing in IE!

    I am starting to wonder if when i run the game from VS either as release or debug.. notice in this screenshot you see some stats on the right side.. ... 8_0003.jpg

    does anyone know how i could install an actual xap file as a stand alone app?

  • WP8 doesn't have very good memory management and tends to load the whole game at once. In visual studio to test it on the phone you just tell it to deploy to the phone instead of the emulator if you want to test it directly. Once you do that, the game will be on your phone as an app in the apps list.

  • thanks for getting back to me on this. The thing is that i have it running on the phone when this performance trouble happens.. and oddly enough the problem doesn't happen in the IE on the very phone i'm testing the app on!

    I'm not using any "every ticks" except when the finger is not touching (to keep the paddle from falling by the gravity that effects the pucks).

    I'm testing on a Lumia 920.

    I'm just trying to figure out the most efficient way to address this on wp8.. the problem doesn't occur on iOS or android hardware for me.

  • here is another question in the process of solving this issue.. the puck in this game has a physics object attached to it.. i wonder if there is maybe a problem with the paddle having a physics behavior attached to it while i'm controlling it with touch.. like they are fighting each other..

    the question then is, is there some way to get a physics object to interact with another object that doesn't have physics, but maybe has some other behavior that's lighter.. i tried solid, but that didn't help.. even putting it on both the puck and paddle..

    So yea its just really peculiar. I had a buddy test it out as well and he experienced the same lag i did so it's not just my device.

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  • I have paused all my Windows Phone efforts until the windows phone 8.1 update comes out. The lack of webgl, etc... is killing memory management and causes my game to play like garbage compared to iOS and Android...

  • there is an 8.1 coming? that's good news.. i hope its a standard upgrade for all wp8 phones!

    I did a little googling, and apparently the announcement is April 2nd.. I hope actually comes out soon after that announcement..

    As for my game I'm going to go ahead and move forward with it.. its not a big game, but yea i'm feeling more and more like this is something i can't can't bypass.

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