...touch empty space and register a miss?

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  • Ok so I have this game Zen Hopper

    It's a simple game i'm looking to take to Phone 8 as a test project. In this version, it's working as it should overall.. but what I need to also do is register a MISS, if they touch the screen, but fail to touch a log.

    I can't figure out a good approach for this. I'm sure it's simple, but I'm still pretty new to C2. In my logic, I can't seem to invert some of the game rules.

    seems like there should be some way to say "touching the screen, but not touching log object".



  • Construct has the ability to invert conditions (rightclick on it -> invert).

    So: on touch start, is touching log object (inverted) should do the trick

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  • thanks for the tip! However it seems that any time i right click, invert is grayed out. Is there something more i have to do in order for a condition to be invert-able?

    my attempt was like this, as a tester:

    touch - on touched "log" - create object "cloud" at touch x , y...

  • I already wrote the correct code:

    on any touch start AND is touching log object (inverted): do stuff

  • Some conditions can't be inverted because of some issues they could cause on the code , because logic says so ^^

    See the post below for more info

  • The ones that can't be inverted are triggers and many system events. Stuff like key pressed, collision with, functions, ... . Also loops and some other stuff where it wouldn't make sense.

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