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  • how to make character keeps on running towards the right?

  • I think you'll get more answers if you explain IN DETAIL (at least a 100 words), what you want to do. If I asked you a question like: "How am I supposed to get to school?", what would you answer? You don't know what school I want to go to, what I do at the school (student or teacher), what city I live in, where I live, etc. Give us the full story and we can help. Also, it will help if you make your post title more than just "How do I". The post title is your opportunity to give details about your question. Consider something like: "Making a character run right always"... and then use the post to give more details.

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  • I mean I want an auto-run character. Which means at the start of the game, the character will be running non-stop.

  • sorry I don't know how to explain in detail and I can't attach my game project here

  • If you want to make an auto runner game construct2 comes with a template

    If you just want to make a character run to the right it's pretty easy

    Create your player object add the platform behavior and

    Hope this helps

  • hi , I have received your message. Here is my email: , I can only send you game project via email but not here because my rep is below 500

  • No need to send a game, just follow the instructions given, that's all you need to make a character run always right as you said in your first message.

    You may want to add a "Scroll to" behavior to it as well to keep it centered on your screen.

    You also should probably follow some of the beginners tutorials if you are currently lost since those explain those kind of basic things to you and push you to use provided templates and examples packed with C2 to investigate and reuse the mechanics in your own projects.

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