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  • How do I, as a person with very intimate knowledge of logic, find some artists and maybe authors, to make a game. I have an idea for an rpg that im afraid to make, because the idea behind it is too good. It has a storyline somewhat like any top selling console rpg. - but as a dev- my ability as an author( making drama type main chara to sub chara type romance, or storyline arc type drama) is lacking. my ability as an artist lacks behind that. this storyline could be the next great console rpg, if givin the right team

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  • I think someone like you comes up here every week if not twice a week - an idea alone is not enough - because it's trapped inside your brain. How do we know it's the super-awesome next best thing? How will the team you might be looking for know that? If you expect someone to do some work based on a vague idea and then, possibly be like "Well, this isn't what I had in mind" - how would they know?

    Everything everyone does takes time - the most valuable resource in existence - as the time is spent a percentage of our life is gone never to return. So if you want someone to spend their time and take your great idea seriously - spend your time, make a decent design document, work it all out, beginning to end - explain your gameplay systems, don't do what you cannot (just put "dramatic dialogue here" or whatever if you don't do dialogue). If then your design doc is good enough to inspire an artist s/he might do some art for you and from there you can go and inspire a programmer and so on.

    Or, just go the easier route and pay those people.

  • that is why i put contact info...i have lots of time, no lifer here, the gameplay is all worked out easily the story is what needs work, and then art

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