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  • hi

    how can i do when ennemy collision with y of player destroy

    and when collision with his x return ... (but return just some distance and return to attack again for example )

    in gamesalad i use change velocity .... to returning and re-attack again ?

    and ... about x and y of player ?

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  • You've asked this question before here

    I suggest you open your C2. CLICK new and go through a few of the example templates. There are a few examples that show you exactly how to do that.

    You didn't get a response because

    A) its weekend

    B) there are loads of examples

    Don't double post either - gets you into trouble

    Edit: Welcome, and how to get help. Show you actively trying to solve your problem. Provide a snipet of your issue, and where you are struggling.

    Work through the examples and ask questions on those examples: They are heavily commented and usually solve the basics quickly. And gets you learning the software. Read the manual. You haven't read even 20 pages yet.

    Folks want to see you are interested in learning, then they become interested in helping(teaching

    Oh, check out the tutorial section - some FANTASTIC Stuff there.

    And remember you might have no interest in a doing a car racing template, but remember that the same game mechanic used in something like car racing or tank wars or ??? is used in other games too.

    The only way to learn is to do. Try and recreate 3 of the example template games. Then you will be blown away how much you've learnt and what you can now do with this super cool software

    Example of correct way to get response: link

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