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  • I was working on a game but i stuck on the way here is the idea of the Game, is a platform game, when the character is ruining on the platform and there is a hole or obstacle on the road the player will click a button and the character will jump up and stick to top roof platform and continue ruining on the top roof platform and while is on the roof runing if the player meet another hoe on the roof the player press the same button and character jump down on the platform ad continue, if the player can play the game very well it continue like that, and score high but if fail and jump it the hoe either roof or platform then the character die and game over screen pop to restart the game here is a sample picture link for more understanding ... sample.png i will highly appreciate any support

  • Wow, that was the longest sentence I've read the whole week!

    So what's your question? You want us to create the game for you?

    This is not how this forum works. You need to read a few tutorials first and then start developing your game, and if you have a problem, you should try to fix it yourself, and if you can't fix it, try googling and reading more tutorials, and if that fails too, only then you post it here

    Also, your link is broken.

  • Hey jatoblendy!

    I guess you're looking for pointers on implementing the reverse gravity mechanic. I have and old capx here with this exact mechanic that I had on an old game of mine, so I transfered it to an example capx (the game has lots of events and it would be horrible for you to find the ones that matter). In this example, you can both jump by clicking or reverse the gravity by clicking while on air, but you should have no problem to adapt it to just reversing the gravity as you want. Also, the blocks logic is very simple, I took it from the autorunner template, so, I'd suggest you come up with your own.

    Here is the capx: ... .capx?dl=0

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

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  • thanks for the response i really appreciate it, honestly i have started working on the game with the little contribution i get from your response but still not enough here is a sample link apk ... aNinja.apk

  • Could you share a capx? I don't use android.. Windows Phone here...

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