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  • Hi guys ... please im trying to simulate an inverted pendulum process on construct.2 . I need an action that let's a vertical sprite block on another moving block try to fall over and the moving block to tries to balance it. A pin action doesn't let the vertical block trip over it keeps it still which isn't what I want.. any help please ? I want the block on top try to trip over not stay still on the moving block

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  • best to include a capx.. it's hard to understand what you are trying to accomplish

    what behaviors are you using so far? physics?

  • Yes a capx would be best also you should add more info in your title

  • Simply put, a process like trying to balance a vertical stick on your palm .. that sought of thing. You'd have to move your palm in front and back motion to keep the stick vertically balanced. So I'm trying to use two platforms to simulate this. one movable block and another on it that follows the movement of the block below to attain balance against gravity

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