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  • Hi everyone,

    I want to make a game where you see from above (lilke in ancient Zelda) but not completly. The same as in hyper light drifter. And I have an issue.

    Imagine I have a house. It has a floor and a roof. I'd lije to be able to go trhough the house when the y position of the player is above the base but not above the roof. A draw will certainly be clearer.

    .. _____ < - I can go normally


    |_____|| <- I can go and i pass behind the house


    |_____|/ <- I can't go through the house

    < - I can go normally and I passe above the house

    I have some ideas with a LOT of tests and while loops, but I'm sure wthere is a better way to do. Any ideas ?

  • Something like this?

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  • Something exactly like that.

    A friend of mine told me I could split the house in two objets, one with the solid behavior, the base, and one without the solid behavior and on a different layer, the roof, which would be on the top layer when I go through. It's a good idea, I will try it out.

  • Yea, I tried to get him to share his algorithm with me, but he was being modest...

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