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  • Hey there:

    i have an important question about my app. In the intro Scene, which is loaded first, i have a video wich will playback, after the user pressed the start button (a simple sprite)

    The video is placed with the video plugin on construct2. So on ipad it has a fix windows size and will be triggeret with my start sprite.

    but on iphones the video has an own play button....and each function (playing sound (i had to seperate the video and the video sound because it causes some weird quality - but thats another story) - or animate some sprites in the background will be ignored). Is there a solution to setup the iphone video playback the same as its on ipad devices, without its own play button?

    I hope you guys understand the problem

    short summary:

    on ipad: everything is fine, the video has no play button (so i can use my sprites)

    on iphone: the video has a playbutton and plays the video in fullscreen, my sprite triggers will be ignored...this has to be like on ipad.

    is there a solution for recognizing witch device is used? Ipad or iphones?

    Thank you very much!

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  • Would be very great if someone could help me out because its important....

  • Would be very great if someone could help me out because its important....

    Please allow users time to respond - it's been less than an hour since your OP.

    Please remember that users come from many different time zones so patience is needed sometimes.

    It is generally accepted that bumping your own thread is acceptable after 24 hours if no response has been forthcoming.

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