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  • hi all

    working on a poker game (video poker to be precise)

    but i'm unaware of the betting logic in the game.

    Is there anyone that could offer any help here///

    Looking forward for support please help

  • what kind of game ? hold 'em ? blackjack ?

  • You need a Math Engine with RNG (Random number generator) that will calculate RTP (Return to a Player), if you are serious about it.

  • Wait, betting logic, like payouts for various hands? I'd recommend doing some googling for that one, or download a video poker app and do some competition market research.

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  • AnotherUser thank you for the response & it's "VIDEO POKER" played against the house(or the dealer) one on one

    foxium I'll look into it, as I've no idea what it is. Anyways thank you

    keatingb that's what i did yesterday.. looks a little complex. Searching for something simpler. thanks for the advice

    Although, thank you everyone

  • woah ! 99Instances2Go

    Thanks for the help.

    The capx is helpful.

    Also can you suggest me something about adding the joker to the pack via capx. I know the concept but don't know how to apply it.

    Appreciate your help !

  • You did not mention "Joker Poker Video Poker" at all.

    I dont know if there is only 1 joker in poker, i suppose there is.

    Just add the joker to a new animation. Now it needs its own chance calculation. Because it is not the same chance to occur as a regular card. I guess it is 1 on 53.

    so ... after choosing the cards and if ... floor(random(0,54) = 0 then pick a random card and change its face to a joker.

    Store the fact that there is a joker or not in a global variable. That will easy it up already some, later on.

    Now the easy method would be a loop.

    If there is a joker ..... loop all the 'checking' while iterating 'the card that has the face of the joker' to be every other card in the pack. Add the result for each check to a dictionary.

    If there is a joker

    __For all colors

    ___For all faces

    ______set joker card to card (color ... face)

    ______do the check

    ______store result in a dictionary


    _do the check

    _store result in a dictionary

    Choose highest payout from dictionary holding the results. (i suppose you dont want to cheat on it)

  • And you need an other payout for 'four of a kind', and for the special case of 'four of a kind': the 'Five of a kind'. That is 4 aces + 1 joker.

  • yeah there's only one joker there

    Although I've used a completely different method than yours,

    if you're willing to look at it i can send you the capx file

  • Nah, it is ok, i can debug mine, hard if i dont understand your logic, which is to expect.

    But, say, how do you detect a 'Straight' ?

  • the cards get sorted in the background and their values are compared and its done like this>>>

    first check card >> "X" (as they are arranged in order)

    the system then checks in for value that is X+1 then (X+1)+1 & ((X+1)+1)+1 ,also straight is checked at the last as far as other hand ranks are concerned

    the method is same as you did.. arrange and check for value.

    but i guess you've arranged in ascending order

    here's what I've done (a picture for straight)!5RtR0LRT!qXTzpSjf9EmV4xfpeNasfHmskqJ27caXiE2wIzWPSfw

  • Nice to see that you use the same logic. It also means that what i proposed as logic for using a joker applies to your logic.

  • sure i made one since yesterday but it isn't perfect.

    Still needs a lot of work.

    I want to include only one joker card...

    but as per my logic I've to add 4 card animations in order to avoid card skin clash, like if i use only one sometimes instead of joker, there appears the back of card animation

    Anyways. Thank you very much for the help

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