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  • Hi.

    The scale outer or the scale inner is really not working!

    I've followed some advice for some of you but its not working.

    I'm making the background bigger as some of you say but the game is not in the center of the screen.

    I've tried a few more ways but with no success.

    i've manage to make it look good on one device, ipad for example, but when i open the game on an Iphone the game doesn't fit the screen.

    it's a portrait game, so on the ipad i have black bars along the sides and on the Iphone i have black bars on top and bottom.

    as i explained Before, making the background bigger does not work,.

    and it seems like it's impossible to center the game on all devices once i've chosen scale outer.

    basically all i want is my game to be fullscreen on all devices such as ipads and iphones.

    please folks help me out.


  • Please don't multi-post the same question after only 30 minutes or so (duplicate deleted).

    The users who generally offer assistance come from many different time zones, so a little patience is required.

    It is acceptable to 'bump' your own thread after 24 hours if no answer has been forthcoming.

  • well sorry!

    I didn't know!

  • Does the following blog from Ashley help in any way? It's to do with handling multiple screen sizes:

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  • I can't get it right.

    My menu layout contains a text and one play button.

    It is the first layout that will appear in the game.

    Nothing is moving, the screen is not scrolling, and that's the way i want it.

    Now, the problem is that when i switch on scale outer the text and the button is not in the center of the screen on all the devices,

    for example on the Iphone 6 the text and the button is in the center of the screen, but on the ipad it's all stuck on the left side of the screen.

    When i go back into construct 2 to place the text and the play button a little more to the right, to get the text and the button in the center of the ipad, the text and the button is suddenly out of screen on the Iphone 6 instead.

    When i switch on scale outer to check it out on the i phone 6 through the LAN it looks great, no black bars, the background and the game is full screen,

    but when i'm checking it on the ipad everything is stuck on the left side of the screen and i have just a giant piece of my background on the right side.

    i don't know, it seems to be impossible!

  • Is there any help out there folks?

  • ?

  • chill out brother. screen resolutions are dark and full of terrors until you get to them. look, your game most likely won't look perfectly fullscreened in all devices. well it could, but that would mean other restrictions, that may or may not be applicable to your project. So usually what you do is target a common resolution, and from there you try your best to make it look good in any other. some musings:

    • "scale inner" gives you full screen coverage, but "eats" playable space, which means that stuff close to the borders of the screen size (the dotted grey line as appears in the editor) may actually be offscreen. if all the action happens in the close area around the centre of the screen, this can work.
    • "scale outer" gives you the full playable space, but if you move towards the border of the layout you can get past the background image (the "sky") and see the white, or black, background behind, which aint no good. you may avoid this by leaving some padding inside the layout, so the player cannot actually get too close to the border. "scale outer" doesnt guaratee you full screen coverage tho: in a ridiculously thin or wide screen you'll always see a bit of the background colour (you can try this stretching your browser window).
    • the "anchor" behaviour is useful too. if you're for "scale inner" it's actually crucial. it "sticks" objects, like hud's or screen buttons or whatever, to the edges of the screen.
    • letterbox is not that bad if you use some kind of frame or something -- it may even make your game look fancier. and if you're making a pixel game, you should choose "integer letterbox scale" (so pixels look right), which pretty much guarantees you're gonna get some black stripes.
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