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  • Using a hex grid map, how do I have a sprite move to the center of a hex that I click on?

  • Do you use Tiles in the same pattern? If yes you could set the imagepoit at the centre of this tile and move the sprite to this point.

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  • Using a .png image of a map with hex grid included in the png image. Essentailly, Im trying to move the image to another spot on the map image by clicking inside one of the "hexes", and have the image centered inside that particular "hex". Maybe I'll just set up 6 direction arrows and clicking on one of them in the direction i want to move will move the sprite a certain distance in that direction which keeps it within the new "hex".

  • ok, i dont know how efficiant that would be but you could make a new layer, put sprites in every hex, set the imagepoint of each sprite in the middle. Then something like: If clicked on sprite01, move player to imagepoint of sprite01. This should work even if the layer is not visible.

  • Thanks for the reply again xxstyxx. The sprite is limited to a 1 hex move per turn in this game anyway, so ill go with the clicking on a direction arrow for now. I can see how your method would be useful for larger hex movements tho.

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