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  • I have layout

    which contains two things

    one is background selection

    second is player selection

    both have 6 icons

    6 of BG and 6 of Player

    top of the layer i have give buttons named background and player



    now my want is

    if i click background button then player icons should be invisible

    and if i click player button then background icon should be invisible


    i had tried invisible option

    i.e click player button > BG icon invisible

    it works fine

    but problem is

    when BG icons are invisible they are still working


    now player icons are active

    if i click player icon then it clicks BG icon too.






    give any suggestion in this regard

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  • Add an is visible condition to the on clicked event?

    or put the events in groups and disable the group when the buttons are invisible?

    Change a variable and check for the variable in the on clicked event?

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