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  • HI

    can anyone please point me in the right direction, i am trying to make an escape the room game.

    would like to find out how i go about making a code puzzle. eg: somewhere in a level is a code: 1234, and in a few levels into the game there is a vault that needs to be opened with the code:1234.

    any ideas on how to do this?

  • You are very vague with the explanation of what you want to do here so I will do my best to try and help you.

    You could put like a barrel or something on the ground and underneath it you could put "1234". Then you can have the player able to push the barrel and reveal the code.


    . First add text to your layout (Double click white area and press add text)

    . Next set the text to what you want it to say. (Click on the text and under properties in the side menus type in "1234")

    . Create a sprite for the object that you want to hide the text behind and place it on top of the text.

    . Now you need to do the code to move the barrel.

    - If Player.x < Barrel.x

    If Player is overlapping Barrel

    Barrel.x = Barrel.x + 1

    - If Player.x > Barrel.x

    If Player is overlapping Barrel

    Barrel.x = Barrel.x - 1

    This will cause the barrel to move over by 1 pixel everytime the player is overlapping it.

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  • thanks uyu34, this did help, sorry for being so vauge. i want to know how to how to do the code on the vault , where the player must put the code into the vault to open it.

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