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  • I tried Construct2's tizen export feature, but the structure seems the same as a normal html5 project.

    Any noob guide on how to add it into a tizen project, to be compiled as a .wgt/.tpk?

  • I would also like to get this info. Attempts to package my Tizen exported C2 game using the SDK has only left me with an unsigned package and black screen.

  • Simply zip it up and rename the .zip to .wgt. Pretty sure you can then just open that up in the IDE.

  • Update:

    Managed to get Rain Demo working in Tizen Simulator this way...

    1. Create a New Tizen Web Project > Basic

    2. Copy all the content in exported C2 project,

    3. Paste in created Basic Web Project folder, overwriting all existing.

    4. Hit Run > Simulator ( Bypass all errors )

    5. You should see simulator popping up and playing the demo.

    I managed to fix most build errors, mostly with config.xml.

    However, there is this weird error in c2runtime.js that I can't shake off:

    Unexpected '?'.     c2runtime.js     /C2TizenTest     line 1     JavaScript Problem

    But ignoring this, you can still build a .wgt package, but I haven't test it on actual device...as there are still none in the market lol.

    Hope this helps get something started :)

  • It appears you do need to build the application using Tizen IDE in order to get it into the seller store or competition. I can successfully build a package using these instructions: developer.tizen.org/downloads/sample-web-applications/load-web-app-tizen-sdk

    and not skipping steps 3 and 4. However, still seem to fail certification because I have yet to figure out how to force the application into landscape (even though my config file matches theirs) or how to trigger the back button on the device.

    As PikPiak mentioned you do get some errors with the first lines of code from the construct runtime .js but still yields a working package.

  • Perhaps I spoke too soon. Running the application on the emulator works fine, but on the device I receive the following error:

    c2runtime.js (222) :InvalidStateError: DOM Exception 11: An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable.

    Anyone on the Construct team or otherwise have any insight?

  • tutorial needed before Tizen contest how prepare file :)

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  • tutorial needed before Tizen contest how prepare file :)

    Bump! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Any news of a tuto How export on tizen store ?

  • has anyone gotten an app added?

    mine is rejected for back button:


    The application is not terminated or the previous page does not appear when the BACK key is pressed.


    1. Run the application.

    2. Press the BACK key of device.

    3. Check that the application operates as expected.

    [Expected Result]

    When the BACK key is pressed, the application must be terminated or the previous page must appear.


    In construct I see no options for tizen and back button. There is intel XDK but im not sure if that would work, nor what to use, nor can I test the back button from the simulator (not that I can see).

  • In other tizen projects (examples, none construct) you will see this code:

    if (isStartPage) {

              _obj.live("pageinit", function(event){

                   // back button tap handler

                   $(".ui-btn-back").bind("tap", function(event){





    which looks like what we need for the tizen project. when I export my tizen project, I do not see that code anywhere. I am not sure how to properly set up the tizen project with construct.

    Any ideas Ashley ?

  • I hope tutorial will be soon.

  • just for note - few minutes ago I exported my project as Tizen, put the exported files at the emulator and it's show me black sreen only

  • fastpic.ru/view/56/2013/0820/3d58492e20f83274150e09477a54a57d.jpeg.html

    just look at this screen. runtime has lot of bugs. What can I do whit all of this??

    I make all steps and going to build project, but this bugs on my way.

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