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  • has anyone gotten an app added?

    mine is rejected for back button:


    The application is not terminated or the previous page does not appear when the BACK key is pressed.


    1. Run the application.

    2. Press the BACK key of device.

    3. Check that the application operates as expected.

    [Expected Result]

    When the BACK key is pressed, the application must be terminated or the previous page must appear.


    In construct I see no options for tizen and back button. There is intel XDK but im not sure if that would work, nor what to use, nor can I test the back button from the simulator (not that I can see).

    tell them in your notes its a single page application and it wont work like a multi page application

  • I got a few games done I would love to get up for the competition too.

    I might start trying tonight, but so far it looks like there has been little luck getting c2 games working with tizen.

    My first game is pretty simple, so here is hoping.

  • Yeah, I got a ton of errors as well.

    I was under the assumption that C2 to Tizen was a piece of cake. Guess not :).

  • We have two C2 games that we would like to submit to Tizen for the upcoming competition. I also thought that it would be easy.

    I think the lack of back button control should be added. Even if the app is a single page I think it is important to ask the user to confirm when they want to quit.

  • Export package work correctly on simulator, but if I want to build game for store or check on emulator - I have to build that .wgt file. But it have lot of errors in runtime.

    Anyone has errors in runtime ??? I'm in panic !

    How to solve errors in the f runtime ??

    Ashley , tutorial VERY needed !! There are less than 2 month to deadline !

  • There is a Tizen certification process that can take anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks. Please plan ahead of time to ensure that you don't miss the 1 November 2013 deadline.

  • Yeah, my game is completely done and already on iOS, Droid and Windows 8. I just want to submit it to Tizen. Would be great to get some clarification on how to make this work. I mean having a Tizen export is pretty useless if we can't actually get our projects onto the Tizen store :).

  • have you down loaded the tizen sdk

    if you have put your exported files into your project folder and exept for config.xml leave it out and update their config.xml to fit your application

    then build your project it makes the .wgt for you upload it and tell them in your notes to the validation team that it is a one page application

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  • simwhi

    my validations didnt even take 2 days

  • Yeah, I have tizen sdk installed. I'll run through the steps again. Thanks, glad to know it works.

  • Well I did get it working in a web simulator. However my game runs in landscape and changes the config.xml from auto-rotate to landscape doesn't seem to make a difference. Is there another place to mark that the app is landscape only?

  • Thanks for the information. That is useful to know. I got the 2 days - 2 weeks information from their website. I think as the competition date draws nearer the more time certification will potentially take. In which case it will be better to get completed apps in early as possible.

  • ArcadEd

    I had that problem to but since my app works with any screen size I got away with it

  • I just did mine this week so its probably going to be quick now still

  • Well that's a bummer, both games I was looking at submitting run in landscape only. Hopefully there is a solution soon.

    Ashley, do you know of anyway to add a screen orientation to he tizen exporter?

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