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  • Hello,

    I need some pointers in order to make proper tilt control.

    Let me just point out that i am not looking for pivot (wich i'w find that a lot of people are mixing with tilt)... i am looking for proper tilt/pan controll like in the game Air Penguin.

    I'w managed so far to set a proper tilt controll if device is held horizontaly (like in game Teeter etc.) with Kyatrics example (http://www.scirra.com/forum/ipad-platform-game_topic47735_page1.html) but i just can't get right motion when device is held in palm position at a certain angle.

    Motion of object is allways downwards even tho im tilting it upwards... untill i reach and cross horizontal treshold... :(

    Is there anyone that has a correct tilt control capx to share?

    Thank you!

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  • Solved!

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