Each Tick = Camera a bit above!

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  • Greetings there! ^.^

    Once again thanks for this awesome community!

    My wondering here is, well.. i guess it's simply!

    I want each tick for the camera to stay put on a 'character' for example

    Each tick - scroll to(Exa1.X, Exa1.Y) - BUT i want the camera to stay a bit above, i mean Y something so the camera is precisly above him but i cant get Y+something to work, what is the command for that??

    Thanks in advance!

  • Okay explanation is a bit bad, to simply put it i want the camera to scroll to a target but not in the center of the target but just a bit above. Thats it :/

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  • Create an invisible sprite called "Camera". Apply the Scroll On behavior to it and using events move the Camera sprite a little bit every tick. You can try to apply the Scroll On behavior to the character sprite if you want the character to travel more to the left and right, but it is unrecommended, because the Rule #5 of Construct is:


    You can try, though, I think it will work fine.

  • Hm... I see, i was thinking of Simply for the camera to scroll to object while adding +Y to it so it goes higher or lower depending on the situation tbh ;D tried with adding another image point on the sprite but i can't get the scrolling command to move to that image point i created!

  • There is no reason not to apply scrollto on 2 objects. All it does is select a point between them and scrolls to that.

  • this is simple just use your "scroll to(Exa1.X, Exa1.Y)"

    but have it look like

    "scroll to(Exa1.X, Exa1.Y+50)"

    or whatever amount of pixel height change you want,

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