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  • Hello again people, i recently found time to work on my game again and i'm stuck trying to figure out few things:

    1) I'm trying to make the game 2 player and i'm wondering whether i'd be able to assign the platform behavior to the second hitbox but have it set to the WASD controls as appose to the arrow keys

    2) I can't seem to get the score to work, i have it set up with a text box and a global number as well as a timer to increase the score every X seconds but the text box doesn't display it.

    3) And finally (although not a how do i part, just more of an opinion part) do you think i should give pikachu a hat, possibly as a power up? (remember i'm not making money from this and it's for my little brother, so it's only home usage)

    Thanks for reading and if you have an answer to one of the 3 points please put the number in a bracket so i can check with more ease.

  • 1) & 2) See this capx

    3) I don't watch Pokemon at all, but if I was making something for by brother, I would think if he will like it or not and, if yes, take the creative license to make him happy

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  • i cant open the file you linked as it was apparently released in 167.2 and i have version 163, but this is the newest version i can get :S

  • You can download the latest beta just fine:

  • okay, by using the link you sent me i managed to get the timer and score working for the game, the new problem i have is with the Player2 controls. it moves correctly when i use WASD but for some reason when i use the arrow keys to control Player1 it also moves player 2. I cant seem to find what is causing the issue by using the link you sent. the WASD controls only move the Player2 but the arrows move both :S

    i tried checking the behaviors but they're the same on both my game and the example one, as for any differences the only thing i have is an animated sprite pinned to both but i don't think that that would actually change the controls as it is a separate object

  • You need to disable the default controls in the properties of the platform behavior for Player2. Just set it to No.

  • alright that fixed it, thank you for the help eli0s

  • You're welcome!

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