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  • Yep... Subject is not the best, so is my game right now xD

    How can i resize the FOV?

    How can i bind my character to the middle of the screen?

    How can i bind a sprite to that character, that is already alsways facing my mouse?

    How can i make a perfect circle shape as the Character?

    How can i make a circle hitbox?

    How can i make a question not starting with "How can i" or "How do i" while going that way?

    It's my first game after the tutorial.

    It's a diepio/clicker game.

  • Platformer tutorial will answer binding sprite as it uses a box as player and then a character sprite always moving to it a d also keeping player in centre of screen as well (hint it's the scroll to behaviour). Your white text question is very difficult to read. The rest I can't really answer right now. At work on my phone maybe someone else can. I dare say there will be events to change window size for your FOV

  • One question at a time, and do tutorials, what you are asking is very basic knowledge

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  • "One question at a time, and do tutorials, what you are asking is very basic knowledge"

    Very basic knowledge, that doesn't appear in FAQ or in the search bar...

    And you really want me to spam this section with this many questions each for one thread?

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