Test if Sprite is completely overlapped

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  • Say I have MainSprite1 and MainSprite2. They have the same size. They both have a "ShadowSprite" added to there Container which is put behind the MainSprite and pinned to it.

    I want to Left Click on a MainSprite, and make it create and 'stack' another MainSprite ontop of it, giving it a +1 ZIndez of the Clicked MainSprite, so that it appears on top of it.

    I've been trying to get the events correctly, but the path I was taking was really bad, and now I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  • Mouse : On left button Clicked on MainSprite

              -> System : Create Object MainSprite On Layer X at MainSprite.X, MainSprite.Y

              -> MainSprite : Move to top of layer


    Your topic title doesn't match your description ...

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