How do I test IAP, iAd, and gamecenter objects in Intel XDK?

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  • I first tried using phonegap to export my iOS game but the xml file was messed up and wouldn't work so I fixed and edited it but I couldn't reupload it for some reason so I switched over to Intel XDK. I am debugging my game on my iPhone and it works seamlessly except for the IAP, iAds, and leaderboards. Whenever I click on the in app purchase buttons or show leaderboards buttons nothing happens. Also no ads are displayed. I assume this is normal but could anyone tell me how I can test these actions? Thanks.

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  • iap don't work on ios since some times, i fund a lot of topics that are related to problems with iap and ios 9

  • phonegap has to work with Iads but IAP will only work if your game is imported to the appstore or the google play store, because you need to input some codes in it etc. check the forum of the IAP plugin to learn more about it, but Iads has to work.


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