Can you 'tell' your game which files load first with a custom loading screen?

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  • Hello,

    I was wondering about this.

    To make the custom loading screen appear as soon as possible, can you somehow tell which files need to load first?

    E.g. I would want my progress bar to load/be visible above anything else, then a small logo (all on the same screen).

    Also, currently you're almost forced to set 'Preload audio' to 'No', else it will interfere with the custom loading bar. Then in the Splash/Menu you need to preload all the audio in a custom manner.

    I'd like to tell the game to load the progress bar first, then a small logo, then load the graphics AND the audio. In that order.

    But if I set Preload Audio to 'Yes' then the standard C2 loading will show up first, up until 63%, then a few seconds of my custom loading bar and logo, then jump to the Splash/Menu.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

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  • OK so in the meantime I figured out that you can have audio 'manually' preloaded, as an action under 'On loader layout complete' and preload the audio, then I tell to go to layout x.

    But what about graphics? My game now even first shows the default percentage to a 100%, then display my loading bar which fills up really fast and then it moves on to the next layout.

    I can also show 'nothing' but apparently that's not recommended.


  • Hate to bump my own topic but would really like to know if anyone knows anything on this subject?

  • Check out this video. I think you can mess around with this and do something like... when loader bar is at so and so length make logo visible. Then maybe when logo is visible play music. something like that lol either way i'm sure this should get you started so good luck!!!

  • mikewalton206 Hey, I tried like; system > compare two values > loadingprogress = 0 then create object Gear1, Gear2, and then Logo. Progress bar is made out of a few sprites with insignificant size, so not loaded specifically.

    It loads until 9% percentage only) and then it shows everything at once, the Logo, and custom progress bar.

    However, I don't want anything from C2 to show like their progressbar, their percentage text etc.

    I've also got two gears rotating behind the Logo in case the logo loads later/slower.

    But I mean, actually say to C2 before it does anything; load these objects and don't load anything else until those are loaded.

    I can also select 'Nothing' in the options for loading until my Loader layout is loaded.

    It's just that when I do that, you stare at a black screen with nothingness on it for a second. This is a really small game so it loads fast, but on slower connections it might seem like nothing is happening.

    At the very least I would like that progress bar to show when loading, the two graphics are like 340 bytes together. What I want is instead of the standard percentage thingy, that the progress bar is shown instead and loaded before anything else. Anything above a blank black screen, don't want the percentage to show at all.

    I just don't know how to do that yet.

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