Can i use SVG Graphics in my Game

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  • Hello all,

    I am working on one of the endless runner Game for web and mobile browsers. Now i am using .png format files for the Sprites in Construct 2. But it pixelates and streched. Quality is not coming Good. Can anyone tell us how to use .svg Graphics or Vector Graphics in my Game. if possible then how i can use it. My Project is about to end, left with only Graphics quality improvement and performance. I just need to improve the Graphics quality of the Game and the Performance of the Game. Any help?



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  • There's no way to use vector graphics "natively". You have to save them as png at some point..

    Maybe your settings could be improved? If the PNGs have enough resolution, there should not be any quality problems.

  • Construct 2 has no native way to use SVG or any other Vector format..

    How png images are rendered during gameplay (pixilates/stretched/Quality not good) depends a lot on your settings, your original images, scaling/no scaling etcetera..

  • There definitely is a SVG format plugin if I recall correctly.

  • There definitely is a SVG format plugin if I recall correctly.

    It'll kill your performance, because it won't work with WebGL. So when you are using this plugin (and others like it), your game will fall back to canvas software rendering.

    Currently there is no way to have native SVG without this restriction.

  • Thanks for reply.

    Can you please let me know how to use this Plugin?

    For example - I have my Project or Game is ready to Upload on Web. In this Project i am using .png files for all textures like buildings, background, base, character and obstacles. My Project is ready. But i want to change my Graphics from .Png format to .svg Format.

    I had read somewhere that we can the .png Graphics to .Svg Graphics by:-

    you can change your *.PNG with *.SVG, AFTER you publish your work as html5.

    >> When you export to HTML5, you have to uncheck "minify script" ! Otherwise it will not work.

    Is this a right technique or not? Or how i can do this thing with Plugin.

    Suggest Some steps to move forward and be successful.

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