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  • Hello I have a 2 small problems

    my score it set on a time system(so every .5 seconds of being alive you are awarded 1 point)

    But whenever you die the score keeps being added but I want it to come to a stop.

    also, was wondering how would you add a pause button using just "P" on the keyboard

    I have tryed

    on key pressed>set time scale 0

    not sure how to get it to unpause tho=



  • on key pressed > timescale=0?1:0

    should pause and unpause it

  • event : system ,timescale = 0 = pause

    event : system,timescale = 1 = normal play..

    this is the speed of the game so if you made it 2 it will be soo fast.. like that even the time..

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  • Now could somebody answer the first question to get the score to stop updating once the player is hit by an object

    I have it set to

    every tick > add 4 to score

    set text "Score" & Score

    what am I missing?

  • Wouldn't a variable work?

    Set a variable on player object as 1, then only add the score if variable = 1. When the player gets hit by an object set variable to 0 and finally reset variable back to 1 if you need it.

  • hmm ok everytick = everytime the game on you will get 4 to score.

    so i would say make it :

    on the start of layout => add4 to score.

    and in the event that player die for example:

    player collision with monster => put action player destroy and go to the end layout (new layout).

    or you could use boolean (a live = true) , (dead = false)

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