How do I stop my bounce from accelerating.

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  • Hi Guys,

    On MAJOR problem with my project is when a player touches the edge of a platform it propels them in one direction which is what I want BUT they cannot move the opposite direction because they game physics is still moving them.

    Is there anyway I can give the player back control even if they hit the edge?

    Thank You

    Here is my project if you want reference ... nce/63124/

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  • Just reset the physic forces on collision befor setting a bouce. velocity for example.

    Or check position of platform and player sprite on collision. If player.y > platform.y and player x > plattfrom.x+width then the player is on the sides.

    Or create helper sprites and pin it to the platform sides. so you can check if the player also overlaps / collides the helpers on the side. so you can set other physics in this case.

  • I think I know what you're looking for,

    set the friction to all of the items to 1, the platforms, the player everything.

    Angular Damping to 0, and set the player's collision mask to circle or bounding box.

    This will give you more predictable physics you can adjust those properties until you get what you're looking for.

  • where would I change this within the options?

    DAG Thanks.

    Aprreciate your guys help!

    EDIT: Doesn't matter found how to do it haha, Need to get it right now as I can get more control but it's still stiff.

  • Nothing is working guys arghhh :*( tried everything you have said.

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