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  • Hello! I have a question about using Spriter in Construct 2.

    The main purpose of using Spriter is to have smooth animation with minimum image files. In Construct 2 animation from Spriter is smooth too and the only way to control animation speed is to set TIME scale, not frames per second.

    So the question is - does Construct 2 play this animation EVERY TICK? Is there any way to play spriter's animation NOT every tick but, for example, every 0.1 sec? Maybe its better for total performance to do animation in Spriter and then to export this animation into the spritesheet with, for example, 20 frames and play it 20 frames per second in Construct2?

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  • Your last example is how I've done it in the past, but hopefully somebody with more experience can answer you better.

  • Hm, I have found an obvious solution of this problem. All you need to play Spriter's animation NOT every tick is to use this method:

    • pause your animation;
    • set CONDITION "Every X time" (I set 0.05 which is still less times than every tick) and ACTION "set current time in animation to" animation.time + 50 milisec (every 50 milisec you do a jump to +50 milisec in animation = same animation speed as usual)

    -subCONDITION for this is "if animation's current time <= than your MAX time in this animation" do ACTION "set current time in animation to" 0.

    That's all

  • Thanks, I'll try that next time I use Spriter animations.

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