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  • Hello.

    So I am going to start a project with my girlfriend, she's very good drawing and wants to learn doing it in a digital format. I am myself learning how to program in C2.

    We are going to use Spriter Pro to make our character animations and I want to start already the coding while she learns and makes the artwork and animations also, my problem is:

    Can I work with a placeholder for a scml import since I have to code based on the actual file? I mean if I used sprites I can just replace the sprite afterwards but with the spriter imports, can I do the same?


  • Any idea?

  • From a gameplay perspective everything should be blocked in - the art comes later.

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  • From a gameplay perspective everything should be blocked in - the art comes later.

    I understand your point, since I'll be using a rectangle box for the player and then I guess I will have to pin the Spriter animation to the player box


    Since I've never worked with a Spriter import, all my experience is based on framed sprites so I would like some inside from someone with experience in this.


  • I did pretty much what you you are trying to do and it was very easy to import the sprites files afterwards.

    If you use a plain old rectangle for your placeholder you will need to add the events to trigger the Spriter animations after you have your scml ready. I would recommend that you have a rectangle anyway, and just pin your Spriter object to it, then hide the rectangle much like you stated above.

    Alternately, you can animate your placeholder but you will need to change all references to the animations since Spriter objects have their own way of calling animations.

    There are a few tutorials on BrashMonkey's site, but this forum post has pretty much all you need.

    http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php? ... nstruct-2/

    You have the right idea, and it's really not as difficult to implement as it may seem. Good luck.

  • Thanks ryanrybot that was what I was looking for!

    Yeah that was my plan, pin the spriter object to an invisible rectangle. I wanted to used a player box even if I used framed sheets because of collisions so I guess it makes no difference.

    Glad I can import the spriter animations later on.

    One more question in case you know it. If I import an spriter scml and later on I have an updated version of the animations/artwork, do I have to delete and import a new one or can I "refresh it"?


  • You sure can!

    If you add new images or animations, or tweak anything, here's a video tutorial explaining how to refresh it in C2.


    It's slightly more involved than just resaving the scml, but not much.

    The video is also in the link I posted earlier, in case you want to reference it later. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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