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  • Somewhere I heard that it is better for performance to use Spriter plugin for Construct 2 than to export PNG files. Is it really so? And how to theoretically explain that?

  • And the second question for time economy:

    I need to change weapon but the previous weapon exists! What should I write that it ceases to exist? If I apply action for the previous weapon it spread on the whole animation because it's family or smth like that help me please!

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  • You read that 100% wrong. At no point will Spriter will ever provide better performance. In fact It has been said clearly that using Spriter will be more costly on the CPU; though it should only be a little(which it's not). What was said is that Spriter only uses a fraction of memory because it's not SpriteSheet. It's tweening parts.

    Also. Character Maps are not working yet. So you can do object swapping in C2 yet. As for Associate it's only for initialization purposes. I'm not sure where it says that, but It should be some where.

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