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  • ok, so trying to use Spriter. I'm having difficulties with a mirroring effect. I read on a prior post that I can use -originalwidth.

    Doing this or mirror of the family in sprite just creates a mess of misplaced sprites.

    In Spriter trying to create mirror animation I can't find any width at all. And if I try to just flip the sprites the animation get's all twisty.

    I haven't found either way to make it work right. Anyone can help me get this right :)

  • Hi jayderyu If you didn't found the solution yet, I write you the solution commented in this page:

    Spriter C2 plugin

    Basically you have to use the action 'Set object scale ratio' and flip the axis X or Y

  • Thanks for the info. However, since then I haven't even bothered to attempt to put my Spriter player graphics into the game.

    * First it was because there was no re-import for C2. And I didn't want to redoe the spriter elements everytime. Now that is solved.

    * Now it's because Spriter crashes whenever I save. So I can't get a fixed test version working. :( I have a semi broken version. So I need to wait until I can get it fixed up.

    Also back when I posted that. Many Spriter objects would go into a huge mess trying that technique. It's been fixed in the last few months, but not back in the beginning of the year :)

    thanks though and I will be implimenting it as soon as either b4hotfix or b5 comes out.

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  • A tutorial in how to use spriter with C2 will be awesome.

  • Agreed slanw!

  • I know the Spriter guys are busy right now but maybe in the not-too-distant future we'll get a comprehensive, working tutorial. I am working on a beat 'em up called "Psi" so I will try to share what I learn as I go in a tutorial.

  • There are some videos on the subject. The video posted on my thread taught me how to get my player spriter object facing the right way. I'm still working an getting the enemies to mirror properly...


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