spriter disappear when export to HTML5

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  • Hi,

    I've completed my game and trying to export it. Everything works this far. When uploaded it to an FTP and trying to play it, my player is invisible!

    When I preview it in Construct 2 it works fine. But when exported the player is insivible. I can still control him but not see him! I've done him in spriter and using animations from there.

    Has anyone had this problem?


  • You will need to set the correct mime types in your webhost.

    [quote:sio4rpun]"When publishing, don't forget your server should serve the .scml file extension with the MIME type text/xml. Some servers return '404 Not Found' for files they don't have a MIME type for, and this will break your Spriter animations."

  • oh thanks!

    But what is mime?! and where can I set it?

  • What webhost are you having?

  • A mime type is a configuration entry in your webhost that tells your webserver how to deal with certain extensions.

    In your webhosts control panel, there should be a page with MIME type settings.

    This generally is a list with extensions and what they are.

    You should add:

    extension: .scml

    type: text/xml

  • im using LINUX/APACHE

    Where can i allow SCML on the server?

  • supports MySQL aswell

  • Best way to know is likely to contact your support there.

    Just ask them where you can add a mime type. They will know.

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  • does it matter that im using wordpress

  • Nope.

  • lennaert,What about dropbox?

  • I haven not tried spriter objects with dropbox.

    But if dropbox does not show the scml files, and you cant change them in dropbox settings tosupport it with the needed mime types, then you will need to upload it somewhere else, somewhere where you can get the needed mime type support.

  • I added the MIME type with an .htaccess

    AddType text/xml .scml

    AddType text/xml .scon

    And tried also to add the MIME type directly in Apache mime.types.

    Both are working, because when done, Chrome displays this on top of page :

    "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."

    I think it's fine if the .scml is recognized as a XML file.

    However, my spriter animation is still broken (same : invisible sprites, dissassembled parts, no animation) after export on the host (but works fine in Construct 2)

    Do you have an idea where it comes from ?

  • actually the MIME type was fine.

    There was another issue : you have to uncheck "minify script" during export


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