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  • Hello guys! Here I am back again, starting 2014 with issues >_<

    The issue I am having right now is with Spriter animations, honestly, I am a noob with this. All I want is that the animations I made in Spriter are played in C2, but when I import the scmls to the C2 project all I get are stiff images , no animation, nor anything (they even start as invisible, which gave me a scare)

    Do you guys could tell me what I am doing wrong? or if by chance I found a new issue ? (which I doubt) In one of the scmls (mainly speaking the "Bubble_Event") it holds two animations in the scml which C2 identified them as Bubble_Event & Bubble_Event_000. With the other I made them in two different scmls, one called Side_Bar_Entrance and the other Side_Bar_Exit. I tried the latter one this way thinking it would work but , yeah, it didnt.

    How is supposed to work:

    Side_Bar_Entrance plays once you click/touch it &/or after Side_Bar_Exit finished, otherwise it stays as it is.

    Side_Bar_Exit plays only if Side_Bar_Entrance played, once you touch/click it.

    Bubble_Event plays at the beginning of the layout.

    Bubble_Event_000 plays infinitely after Bubble_Event played.

    I appreciate your help in anyway =(

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  • OK, I have dug up a little more about the issue but still couldnt find a solution.

    It seems that the animation is INDEED playing, the thing is that when I double-click the scml file in C2 (in the organizational tree) to open it up, it shows that there is a missing image in the animation. Which is why I dont see anything playing.

    Do you know why it shows a missing image? There shouldnt be that issue, if I open the scml file outside of C2 the image is there.

    I dont know what I am doing wrong, could you help me?

  • Fixed it! Thanks to Mike from Spriter.

    All I have left to do was also save the spriter project as scon file type and save it in the same folder as the scml.

    That did the trick.

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