How do I see spriter animation?

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  • I bought Construct 2 and Spriter.I create a floor with solid. I created a sprite with platform.After I click to a player.scml file ,I put in Construct 2.Then I find this file under Properties.I change from .scml to .scon.

    Finaly In event sheet.I do this.

    system---every tick-----Player---set position to----Sprite(image point 0 )

    And I start the game but I dont see player because player's arm,leg,head happened invisible.If I do visible,I see player but The animation isnot working

    I have two questions

    How can be visible first time and

    How does the animation work?

    I see this tutorial and I try it ... tion-files

    I know my english very bad <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

  • Can you help me ?

  • I'm having the same problem and I can say this is a fairly new bug. I'm a longtime user of both Spriter and C2 and they always seemed to work perfectly together, but today I made a simple animation I wanted to test and uppon "preview" the canvas was compleetly blank.

    I have no idea what happened, but it always sucks to have to downgrade softwares because things stop working

  • Just tried installing an older version of Construct (186.2) and changing browser (from Chrome to IE). Still the same problem.

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  • When saving your spriter file did you make sure to save both scon and scml i was having this when there was no .scon because even though it said it was saving that version to it wasnt so in spriter i clicked save/changed save format to .scon then added .scon to filename before saving. after that it worked

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