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  • With the addition of Spriter in Construct 2 r110.2 how do yo get you animation into C2?

    Anyone have an example or tutotial? I was thinking about buying it.

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  • Drag your spriter file into the canvas in construct 2.

    To try it, use the example demon on Spriter's homepage.

  • Thanks Julmust,

    Where did you install the plugin?

  • found it under <install path>\exporters\html5\plugins

  • I just installed the plugin and dragged the demon in. I got an error and it created an empty object with no sprites attached to it. Is there any documentation about how to properly use this plugin? I searched around on BrashMonkey and C2 forums and came up short.

    I've been using Spriter to export sprite PNGs, but those mofos tear like crazy and obviously take up extreme space. I would love to take advantage of this... has anyone successfully imported a boned character?

    What are the limitations? Can you do any blending?

  • Support is very much experimental and a work in progress. We're still making updates and changes to the SCML importer in Construct 2 as BrashMonkey continue to work on Spriter.

    Have you tried the latest beta? We added support for features that would previously crash the importer.

  • Ashley thanks for the response! Yeah, I'm using the current beta to try this. I did fresh downloads of everything yesterday. It seemed like everything imported correctly but the sprites themselves. And when I ran the game I got an error. I'm sure I'm missing some easy step.

    It seems like animation in C2 is a whole different beast when working with the scmls. Is there documentation on which properties/conditions/actions/etc are available? I see that it's very early in the process, but I'd like to tool around with the stuff you guys have working. ;)

  • We just write the importer - if you're using the SCML plugin, you need to ask BrashMonkey about that.

  • Will do. Thanks!

    Regarding the missing sprites on import... do they need to be nested in a particular folder?

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