I have 493 sprite sheets. How can I easily use all of them?

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  • Like the title mentions, I have 493 sprite sheets. I imported one into a sprite, set the animations, and gave it the events for moving around. After that I was done. I'm not doing 492 more.

    The goal is to have 1 of these be randomly assigned to the player, and have the player control it.

    How can I efficiently do this without making 493 instances?

  • Are they like character sprites?

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  • Yeah. Up, down, left, right. Every one of them is the exact same layout.

  • And you put all 493 into a single sprite? And let me see if i understand the goal here: You want them to b randomly assigned to the player? And if thats the case, why u say it can be "controlled" by the player

  • Oh no no no. They're all separate files. 1-493.png. I want one chosen randomly, and be used for the player's sprite.

    Lets say I have a boy, girl, dog, and cat sprites. I start the game, and I'm a guy. I close the game, start it again, and I'm the cat. Nothing changes except the sprite itself, but I don't want to make 493 instances of each individual sprites.

  • You could do one sprite player and use 493 frame just make sure that the animation isnt running. also If you had them in a single file you could convert it to GIf or sprite sheet font and do import file from sprite sheet and choose the sprite size and it will populate the frames its real handy to do.

  • ok sorry i didnt read correctly. you can do one sprite and then do a bunch of animation for one sprite just make sure you label things correctly. And why do you need to do 493 of it? why not 50 for start and just push that out on to the market and just update it each 50 at a time.

  • I could, I just figured there would be some easy way for me to easily swap out which sheet I'm using, but I'll look into it more. Thank you!

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