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  • hi there,

    I'm needing to make specific words / text in a text object to be bold and/or underlined.. i tried some basic HTML with <b> word </b> to see if bold worked, but it shows the commands in the text.

    if its not possible to select specific words to be bold, ho would you suggest someone go about doing it?

    I did some forum searching but nothing seemed to help.. i saw some promising leads dealing with some HTML code, but they didn't appear to be addressing my question.



  • example:

    hi there this is bold and this is underlined and this is both

    i would like to be able to do something like this to the text object in C2.. if not that way, some other way, but i don't see any way to do it

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  • bump.. it would seem like there must be a way to add bold and underline to text in C2.

  • bump, seriously, this is very important. anyone know how this would work? I can't believe that the text object is unable to handle italicize and bold within the sentence. it just seems like this is really basic stuff. The text field is very powerful from what I've seen it do, but i can't figure out how to do it myself.

    I have a client I'm doing this for and feel pretty dumb telling them "hey i'm using HTML5 and some really cool tech, but I can't bold, italicize or underline any text"..



  • Ashley an open letter since I was unable to PM you.

    Hi Ashley,

    I know you have a ton of people to help, but I'm in a big pinch with a client's need and I've tried for some time (over a week) to get an answer in the forum and no prior posts seem to address it specifically.

    Simply put, I would like to be able to make specific words in a text object bold italicize or underlined.. not the whole thing as would be the result of "set font face".

    I just see how powerful the text object is, it seems like i could use <b> commands </b> in there, but they show up in the output or some other approach that I've not come across before to achieve this kind of effect.



  • You can't do this now, but it's a feature a lot of people have been asking for. I hope they add it eventually

  • would this plugin by rexrainbow help ?

    (Not tested)

  • ooo yea that looks promising RamPackWobble! I'll check it out and report back to this thread. 7Soul thanks for confirming it's not currently possible and I'm glad I'm not the only person who realizes this would be nice to have.

    I do however see some justification for not supporting it because it probably bleeds dangerously close to being "web tool" and not really something most games need, but I'm very interested in text adventures and using text in interesting ways and having this kind of control would bring a lot of value.

    Additionally allowing us to do more in text allows us to save precious memory rather than using graphics to depict text. It looks very promising. Such a great find thanks! Life saver

  • yes this is it! It will take a little work to go back and swap out a new TagText Text object, but this definitely does the trick. Thanks again for knowing about this and sharing! I've bookmarked that dudes whole plugin page. I saw some very cool things that when I have time to explore will go back and try out.



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