Spawn Particles at random angle?

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  • Hi there,

    I was doing some forum searching and saw some conversation about this, but I want to be clear. I'm not so much talking about random rotation as in animated, but simply being able to spawn particles themselves at any random position 1-360.

    Is this possible somehow? I can imagine how having rotating sprites all actually turning as they go up to be cpu intensive, but it seems like simply positioning the sprite at the moment of creation to be random would not be a problem and it would make a huge difference in terms of particle quality.. a smoke effect with a single sprite each appearing at the same angle is noticeable.



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  • Your best bet is probably to just make a sprite with a bullet behaviour and then spawn a bunch of them using the Repeat system action and adding random(360) and something like random(200,300) to speed (obviously changing the values according to your needs. It'll work about the same as a particle system, but with more control.

  • Somebody hmm interesting suggestion. thanks! Silly that this is what it would take to get this effect though, but good way of thinking outside the box

  • The built-in particle system is quite limited - with sprites you can do all sorts of interesting things, such as scale them, rotate them, etc. This lets you make more realistic effects, such as billowing smoke, etc.

    I wish the built-in system was better, this has been brought up a couple of times, but I guess the thought is the same - "if you want better stuff just make it yourself" - as far as I know performance isn't really better or worse so might as well.

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