[SOLV]Why does my character attack more than once?

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  • First of all here's a link to my game:


    If you attack the jugs most of the time more than one number will appear even if you only attack one jug. The first thing I thought was the problem is that I made a invisible hitbox for the sword that will appear twice: once when the sword is diagonal, and then again when it is horizontal(as soon as I wrote this I made it so the first hit box destroys before the second one appears and it didn't work).

    Here's the project download so you can look at the events yourself:

    Capx Download

    Thanks for all the help in advance. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    EDIT: The controls for the game are WASD and K for attacking!

    EDIT 2: SOLVED! I made the event check for collisions every 0.1 seconds instead of it automaticaly checking the event every tick.

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  • I didn't download the cap, just played the game. It looks like you have a pickaxe and sword swinging in the first part of the animation. Is the pickaxe colliding with the jugs too?

  • I'd say you are getting two hits for the same swing. You need to add something to only allow a single hit per hero attack.

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