[SOLVED]How do I restrict players using muliplayer plugin

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  • Just started messing with the multiplayer plugin and was wondering if someone could help save me some time and frustration.

    Question: is there a way to restrict # of players to say 4 or a predetermined number, and force additional players into a new room / game.

  • Brilliant. Solved it.

    How did I miss this.

    Now to create additional rooms if other room is full, or password protect rooms, this is very cool addition to C2.

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  • The next build has an auto-join feature so you can arrange players in to separate rooms easily.

  • The next build has an auto-join feature so you can arrange players in to separate rooms easily.

    Oh, that will be brilliant - thx ashley

  • Ashley

    Havent tryed multiplayer part yet but just in case that this is not implemented let me state some details that i find as necessary and lot of times are overlooked by developers:

    Room creator shud allways be able to rename the room.

    Room shud have option for password.

  • What would be nice is a secure variable to store sensitive info like password. SHrugs

  • hm... what i mean is to allow players to create room with password for them selves... so that they can wait for friends and not kick every now and then uninvited players.

    i dont see necesity to secure that kind of password.

  • They can do that, but would be nice to add spice to password to stop others from brute forcing.

    password = "password"

    salt = "123nthuaoentheoau,23p3u3tn,nahpnthptn2p3tnhnth4nh3nt4h3n4h2n23m23tnmoetntneiud"

    If =/ "Password & Salt" then "sorry, password doesn't match"

    But salt needs to be protected from viewer looking at source because you can plainly view all variables in source.

    Already he can create room name and create a password so that others can join. This shoudn't be too hard to implement.

    The protected variable has many uses outside multiplayer plugin - lol. I've been requesting it for awhile.

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