[SOLVED] How do I use replace color effect?

  • im trying to change the color of a flat colored square with the "replace color" effect, but nothing seems to work!!

    how can i change the color of my square, i also use the picker and i added the action:

    on colorpicker change -> square "set color parameter 0 to rgb(colorpicker.r,colorpicker.g,colorpicker.b)

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  • set color parameter 0 to rgb(colorpicker.r,colorpicker.g,colorpicker.b)

    parameter 0 = Red Source Value

    parameter 1 = GreenSource Value

    parameter 2 = Blue Source Value

    to change the color you need to set parameter 3,4,5

    parameter 3 to colorpicker.r

    parameter 4 to colorpicker.g

    parameter 5 to colorpicker.b

    but first you have to specify a color you want to change in parameter 0,1,2

  • Thanks Korbaach

  • i did this but its not working

    colors doesnt change at all :s, what i want is to change the sprite to any color i select with the color picker

    ok solved this problem with just adding séparated values by, 3 set to ColorPicker.R, 4 set to ColorPicker.G, 5 set to ColorPicker.B.

  • I don't find the solution to.

    I want to make like a clor picker. Player click on a blue square and after he can color in blue all the other sprite. And so on with red and yellow.


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