[Solved] How do I Make rapid tile grids? +bonus question :)

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  • Hi everyone,

    So I have this game i want to explore.. It's basically a 2d top down minecraft-esk game. I ran into this problem with GameSalad as well, but I highly suspect there IS a solution with C2 that simply doesn't exist with GameSalad.


    here you can see i'm making a tile grid and i'm using "ever tick" to fill the screen with tiles. this is pretty fast, but far from instant. What would be the best way to create instant grids. This test is relatively few boxes.. I would imagine the game could have many many more.. C2 might not be the right engine for this, but I'd like to experiment with it some..

    Also, bonus question.. the other big unknown would be how to create terrain.. yes this is still top down 2d, but imagine you have a grid world you roam around in.. and there are raised areas that represent random hills and curves that you dig into.. as if you're digging tunnels (think Dungeon Keeper) through these raised areas..

    It boggles my mind how Minecraft and other similar voxel based games are able to create caves and various hills and such.. i wouldn't want to just create random blocks, but more like random groups of block on an x/y plane.. the idea of manually crafting would be in thinkable.. it would be ideal to let the engine generate the terrain.



  • It seems to me like you're adding only 1 block per tick. Just use a nested for loop on start of layout/function/whenever and it will happen in one tick (It will lag a small amount though, and more lag the larger it becomes.)

    As for the random terrain, look into the simplex noise plugin. It might be called Perlin noise, but you have the option of both.

  • EncryptedCow yea that's a great point.. I guess how they are spawned wouldn't change their behavior once created.

    Now this simplex noise plugin.. that sounds very interesting thanks! I couldn't find much on the theory behind how random groups of things could be generated.



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  • Might want to use the tilemap plugin instead of spawning lots of sprites and potentially killing your perf.

  • yea i did notice performance took a hit when i went to 2048x1536.. how could you get the tilemap system to work with the simplex noise plugin? It's vital to use the noise generation / seed stuff. even if i have to work in limited spaces like this, i would probably link locations.. so there could be a lot more maps than just the one..

    Here is what I have so far.. its important that the various blocks are interactive..


    notice you can click the brown dirt.. you have to click the rock blocks three times to destroy them..

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