[Solved] How do I match up Tizen ID when doing an update

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  • Hi there,

    I got an app to submit fine, but it got rejected over something silly.. The round Icon.. so I fixed that and went to submit the change, but got rejected over some ID issue. the round icon, or rather lack of it..

    So I promptly fixed that and went to recompile the project in the Tizen SDK. That all goes fine but when I go to upload the WGT, I get this error

    I didn't change anything except the icon graphic. I opened it up to update the icon and compile.

    <tizen:application id="OCOLBHVmnb.Voider" package="OCOLBHVmnb" required_version="2.2"/>

    I don't know what that OCOLBHV is. Is it some personal ID? I don't remember this value.. I tried replacing it with my normal com.part12studios.voider but that didn't fix anything.



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  • also I realize now that the error that rejected the app wasn't the round icon.. it was a failure to install, but the game runs fine in the emulator so I'm not sure what I can do since I don't have a test phone (does anyone?) to try it out with, but even a real phone wouldn't help me understand why it's failing to install. The game is under 1mb.. so it's not a memory thing..

  • So this was solved. It was an error on my part. I had followed some other instructions incorrectly, so the solution was to delete the submission and resubmit the app using the right stuff. Thanks!

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