[Solved] How do I design my app for tablets?

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  • Hi C2 Communitie

    I have been developing a game with Construct 2 (a few months) and now it's finally complete!



    But now Google Play Developer Console has given me this "Optimisation Tips"

    Then, if you clic the link it takes you here:


    I'm exporting the game via Intel XDK

    After read the article I believe that this is because Intel XDK only has options for LDPI, MDPI, HDPI and XHDPI.

    There is no option for XXHDPI and XXXHDPI.

    So, anyone now what can I do to fix this or it has to be fixed by Intel?

    Here is some additional info:

    This are the settings of my C2 project:

    This are the icons of my Intel XDK project:

    This are the APK details on the Google Play Developer Console:

    This are the Store Listing details on the Google Play Developer Console:

    Thank you!

  • i think you can use a hd resolution like a 980*720 and upload the project and put the screenshots for tablets, i dont know for sure if this can works fine

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  • Really what matter is your aspect ratio and/or scale mode. my game Galaxy rush! uses letterbox scale with a aspect ratio of 16:9 and is considered designed for tablets. my new game Milo's journey uses scale outer and is also Tablet friendly. So what scale methods are you using and what is your resolution/aspectratio

  • Hi volkiller730

    My game use the next setup:

    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Aspect ratio: 16:9

  • that's weird you shouldn't be getting that error. Have you added Tablet Screenshots?

  • volkiller730

    Yep. I have added 7" and 10" tablet screenshots.

    Which is the resolution of your tablet screenshots?

  • i have both 1600x900 and 1080p. that odd that it's giving you this i just installed on my tablet and it's working fine. scales great. it is kinda laggy. umm not really sure what would cause this. My apps are tablet compatible and I don't have XXHDPI and XXXHDPI ether so it's not that. are you exporting as cordova then with crosswalk in the XDK? are you importing all the images asked for in the XDK? it's most likly an error in google's software you could try emailing them. the thinks i think whould cause this is you language layout at the start since there are only two options they make the screen very blank on a tablet

    PS. side question what is the video ad service you are using to let the user bypass a level

    PPS. fun game btw rated/reviewed for you

  • volkiller730

    I know about the laggy, I'm expecting Crowsswalk to improve the performance, Croswalk 7 was way better!

    I'm exporting as Cordova (Construct2) then Croswalk for Android (Intel XDK)

    I have imported just the icons

    I'm using Vungle for the video ads

    Thanks for the rate!

  • Did you follow any tutorial for Vungle and C2?

    How is the service working? Are you happy with it?

  • Hi volkiller730

    I'm still having issues with the tablet layout

  • Hi Ofris

    I'm using cranberrygame phoneGapVungle plugin

    It's really awesome!

  • Any ideas?

    I have this infomation on the Developer Console

  • How about you

    Is Star Nomad Elite tablet compatible?

  • Hi?

  • Hey weird that you are still having this issue. you C2 settings seem correct. have you tried seeing what the dashboard says when you click see how to fix this issue. also what are your build settings in the XDk? like what are your minimum and target versions maybe that is some how causing issues and have you manually changed any exported code? from what you have shown i dont see what the issue is it might be

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