[Solved] How do I design my app for tablets?

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  • Hi volkiller730

    This is the "Optimisation Tips" that Google Play Developer Console has given me

    Then, if you clic the link it takes you here:


    I have no idea where the problem is :S

  • My games are optimized for tablets & phones.

    What's your Intel XDK settings for this game? Take a pic of it.

    Also, regarding the poor performance, check your C2 project settings:

    Fullscreen scaling, change from High Quality to Low. Your project is already 1080p, you do not need to use HQ, it will look fine on Low on mobile screens.

    Use High-DPI Displays: change Yes to No. Again related to the high resolution of your game, there's no need to have Yes here, it just take additional resources to render.

    Try it, performance should improve massively, without much of a reduction in image quality.

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  • Hi

    Thank you so much for your advices, I'm trying them right now

    This are the Intel XDK settings:

  • this is just a guess but, i notice you don't have Signed selected in the XDK maybe whatever process you are using to manually sign you app is messing up tablet compatibility. also just so you know the Crosswalk export enables android 4.0+ support the Minimum Android version you have imputed in 4.4 you can support more devices if you change that to 14.

  • I use Letter Box scaling on my games. Scale Outer with a base 1920 x 1080p will look really awful on 800 x 480 or 960 x 540 devices (unplayable in fact), even 1280 x 720p devices will have most of the screen cropped out.

    Most Android devices are 16:9 or 16:10 ratio so Letter Box scaling on 1080p will look just fine and will present the full-scene.

  • volkiller730

    How do you sign your APKs?

  • I just let the Xdk do it by selecting that signed button

  • volkiller730 Hmm, and what about the keystore?

    I sing and align the apk manually (with my own keystore)

  • Iolva

    Any news about the designed for tablets issue? I have the same problem, both my apps are marked as designed for phones. I have 2 tablets for testing and it looks good on both. Don't know where's the problem.

    First game is 1024x512 and the second 1280x720 and they scale outer, if it matters.

    I'll tag , because in his portfolio he has both "designed for tablets" & "designed for phones" games.

  • Noga

    Hi, hmm I still have the same issue

  • have you tried emailing google support yet it might just be a error in their detection system the they can fix for you manually

  • volkiller730

    Yep, I send an email yesterday. I will post the answer here. Thanks.


  • Noga volkiller730

    This is what I do with my games.

    1. Most of them don't come with an initial resolution of 1920x1080. I use more like 1280x700 but my games are all set to use "high resolution scaling" so shouldn't matter. They are sharp at the end. If my game is landscape I do a very thin layout and design it so it could grow in height. Then I center menu stuff to the middle with a combination of pin/anchor.

    2. Export to Cordova with device settings: universal (tablet + phone)

    3. Compile it with Intel Crosswalk unsigned and then sign it with my key.

    4. Upload file to playstore (just one version. I don't know if that was a question but I don't create two)

    5. I create HD screenshots and put them into each play store section. I became lazy and just do HD versions (1920x1080). But it actually doesn't matter because there are phone and tablets with high and low resolutions. A tablet doesn't really have a higher resolution for sure. Android devices also are mainly quite 16:9 ish even tablets. It is more important with ios because an ipad is 4:3 and there you really need different screenshots.

    I don't set up anything special at IntelXDK and APK is only showing this on developer console so that is not a case:





    I guess you need:

    • Adaptive layout
    • Export set to universal
    • HD Screenshots
  • I uploaded new screenshots and the warning is gone

    Before, I used screenshots from computer preview and now I took screenshots directly from the tablets (I have one 7" and one 8.4") and uploaded them without resizing (portrait - 7" is 600x1024 and the bigger is 2560x1600 which I used for 10" reference).

    I think it must be adaptive layout and hi-res like MACPK said. Take highest resolution screenshots you can.

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