How do I solve this tilemap performance problem?

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  • Hi! Could you help me?

    I'm making a tank game where the bullets collids with map and it destroy a tile range with a certain radius. My game works fine, but I have a bad performance, specially on .nw version.

    I noticed that smaller is the tilemap, faster is the game.

    I noticed that when I use a 2x2 tile size, it's faster than using 1x1.

    I know, all that shit is obvious. My problem is:

    1) The event that set the map doenst work if tile size is not 1x1.

    2) If I draw the tilemap manually, the event that erase a tile range doenst work also.

    Why dont those functions work when I use a tile size differente from 1x1?

    How do I fix it? I need a better performance!


  • kind of impossible to tell without looking at code.

    you are probably doing something every tick, you have too many collision checks or have too many objects.

  • gabmusic: I wouldn't use tilemaps for objects changing ingame and I wouldn't use collisions with tilemap objects. Tilemaps are more like static background. What I would do in your case is using sprites with two "animations" for objects that can be destroyed by the tank shells (like trees, walls...). If a shell hits a sprite, it changes it's "animation" (just one picture in this case, like from a whole tree to a broken tree).

    If a shell hits the regular ground (like gras), I would just spawn a crater-sprite. No need for collisions here. You can use like a 1 second timer to spawn a crater and destroy the bullet after it has been fired.

    A nice performance boost would be to limit collision checks to objects on screen or to objects in a certain range of the bullet.

  • OP uses example from this post:

    It's probably the only way to make destructible terrain in Construct, but of course the tilemap should not be very big.

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  • Hey guys, thanks for advices...

    I've solved my problem just turning the seamless mode OFF.

    Now it's running at 55-60 FPS.


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