How do I solve old content displayed in browser?

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  • I know this was mentioned somewhere else on the forum, but I cannot find it anymore.

    Whenever I change content, for example an image (sprite), my Chrome browser keeps showing the old content, unless I go into incognito mode. Even after reloading.

    Is there a way to solve this?

    For example: on start of layout: clear browser cache. (but not the whole browser, of that poor user that came across my HTML 5 game ^^)

    Or something like this?

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  • Try refreshing the page with ctrl + F5 -- this should reload the page while ignoring cache.

  • hello linkman2004! I have tried that and while I might solve this with some shortcut combination for my own browser, what about the unknowing visitors?

    What if I upload a new picture on my html5 site and old visitors see the old picture and would not know they are seeing old content.

  • A website explained the following:

    [quote:2jtnnal4]The cache manifest file is a simple text file that lists the resources the browser should cache for offline access.

    Referencing a manifest file

    To enable the application cache for an app, include the manifest attribute on the document's html tag:

    <html manifest="example.appcache">



    The manifest attribute should be included on every page of your web application that you want cached. The browser does not cache a page if it does not contain the manifest attribute (unless it is explicitly listed in the manifest file itself. This means that any page the user navigates to that includes a manifest will be implicitly added to the application cache. Thus, there's no need to list every page in your manifest. If a page points to a manifest, there's no way to prevent this page being cached.

    So I should perhaps remove this, manifest-part out of the index.html site?

    Is there already an option in C2 that can do this for me?

  • Although I cannot test it out right now, this tutorial from Ashley answers my question. Case closed. ^_^ ... onstruct-2

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