How do I Make a sokoban Game in Construct2

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  • I have been looking online for hours so far i have found videos of people that have made sokoban in this engine and two posts which link

    to a cap file that is broken why is there no tutorials on this and if there is where can i find them I am not looking for code or anything just a direction to find out how to make this type of game in this engine please help me someone i would be ok with a written tutorial heck id prefair that so far only one i found was with tilemaps which i had no clue what was going on as no code was explained just told to down load the file and look at which had no comments .

  • What's a Sobakan game?

  • What's a Sobakan game?

    Let me Google that for you.

  • Here's your answer:

    People are trying to make money out of their invention "how to use Construct 2 to make a sokoban clone"

    I've been doing the same thing you've done, but I prefer to figure it out myself.

    So far it appears that sokoban is so simple that Construct 2 is too powerful for it.

    None of the OOTB plugins (Physics, Platformer, Solid, etc.) are useful in making a Sokoban clone. At least I couldn't do it properly with them. So all you have to think of is your size of the "grid" and how much your player sprite should move on X and Y when you push the respective button.

    I hope that gives you some insight.

    P.S.: I recommend you try RPGMaker as I was able to make a sokoban clone there in less than a week.

  • Sokoban mechanics is really simple, all you need is a TileMap and a couple of sprites for the player and crates. Plus maybe some movement behavior like MoveTo.

    Programming the logic can be a bit tricky for an inexperienced developer, but it's also not too difficult.

    Left key pressed -> check tile to the left of the player -> if it's free, move the player there.

    If there is a crate -> check tile to the left of the crate -> if it's free, move both the player and the crate.


  • Is there a way to make a sokoban endless (without levels)?

  • Leosa

    In theory - yes, you can probably generate levels (or rooms) randomly and endlessly. But it will be very difficult to make sure that they are:

    a) solvable, so that the player doesn't get stuck

    b) difficult enough to be interesting to play

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  • I would also be interest by a sokoban tutorial.

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