is there a simple way of creating nultiple level UI?

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  • I'm creating a level based game and its starting to become tiring making UI for each level, I know there is a global layout I can use but is there a simpler way of creating multiple level UI with the achievement

    stars on them ( example: angry birds UI, how it shows the stars then you can play from there on each level)

  • You can make a new event sheet and call it UI or something, then put an On start of layout condition and as actions just put Create Object and create all of your UI. You then include this event sheet into every event sheet of every level.

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  • i dont think you understand how angry birds works... angry birds has a menu ... where you select the level you want to play and see the stars and total scores achieved on each level played... you will have to return to the menu and select or play the next level and so on is a go back/forward event.. for the level gameplay you can do 1 UI on level 1 then clone the layout for that level and name it level 2 all sprites and objects will be in the same position.. then use the same event sheet if needed if not create a different one ... at some point will be tedious ... there is no fast and fun way .....

  • On one layout, create your entire HUD on 1 layer. Make this layer global.

    In the second layout and following layouts in need of the same HUD, add a layer with the same name as the global hud layer, and voila.

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